Prepare And Train Your Mind, Body And Spirit To Fight The Fight That You Hope To Never Fight.

The Karate Do

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Our Dojo consists of male and female students ranging in age from 4 to 55 years of age, each developing at their own pace. We are always open to new students regardless of age and gender. Currently, classes are held four days a week at various locations in Saskatoon and Saskatoon Rural West. Classes include Certified Instruction in: Traditional Shito-Ryu Karate Do, Iron Body Tameshiwari, and Acupressure for health, wellness and self defense. Advanced students have the opportunity to learn Iron Palm Training, Board and Brick Breaking and Weapons.

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True Karate is a physical, mental and spiritual Art, a technique of self-defense. One of its greatest attributes is that anyone, irrespective of size, age, or gender can practice this Art. Your degree of skill, of course, depends on these factors. However, one can practice Karate according to his/her own capabilities or, if he/she has them, handicaps. The purpose of Karate-do is to train for your whole life to become the most perfect person you can be. When you reach that goal, you realize the true value of Karate-do.


Shito-ryu Karate is characterized by numerous kata (forms). Most practitioners in Japan will have studied more than 20 kata before they reach their first degree black belt. Master Kenwa Mabuni (the founder of Shito-ryu) taught that the essence of Karate and in training, one should spend 75% of their training studying kata and 25% for Kumite (free or organized sparring) training, besides doing the regular Kihon (basics) and exercises. He believed one must practice hundreds of times just to understand and perfect one single kata. At higher levels of Shito-Ryu karate training students will study traditional karate weapons: bo (staff), sai, nunchaku, kama and tonfa.